Kiez Mapping-Remise

In an artistic workshop format with pupils from the 456O School, we created a neighbourhood mapping project. The KIEZ/MAP records various places, institutions and shops that have a socio-cultural relevance for the schoolchildren and their neighbourhood.

The KIEZ/MAP was conceived by 6th graders and the artists together and then carried out as a scavenger hunt with storytelling elements with the whole class.

The aim was to create a non-judgemental, open, transdisciplinary and cross-thematic map of the school area with historical and invented stories and to find sites that represent friendly co-existence in the neighbourhood.

Kiez-Mapping 2020

by Workshop Teilnehmer_in

Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium SLK II

The basis for the project week with the language learning class II at Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium was the personal objects shared by the participants. These were examined in their material and symbolic dimensions in order to tell personal stories connected to them. We learned about the power of personal stories and multilingualism as well as the possibilities of our own positioning and historical learning. With a scavenger hunt through the school, performative exercises, drawing, painting and sound and video recordings, participants artistically developed stories through the objects. At the end of the project, the participants created their own exhibition parcours of the week’s processes for their classmates.

Kickoff: Hör x zu!

Education from young people’s perspectives

In this kick-off week, “hör x zu” made their first podcast with Katie Lee Dunbar and Qwigo Ly. 

Here is the result of that week of working together in developing critical questions and using radical listening methods to create a podcast together: 

What do you believe is important to create brave spaces in classrooms? What could teachers be doing differently and how can students speak up for themselves?

In today’s episode we wanna explore these and more questions together with our wonderful guests. We will be sharing some of our stories, experiences and advice and hope you’ll feel inspired to be a better ally!

To listen to what we made click here. 


For more on hör x zu and what’s to come click here. 


hör x zu podcast-snippet: how we make this a brave space

by hör x zu