Summer workshop at YoungArts Neukölln

We created our own storyboxes. The storybox is a self-designed space with a window to the outside that a person can open and close to share a memory. In a playful process we chose an everyday memory, modelled figures, worked on cardboard boxes with papier-mâché and paint, and recorded sounds.

Summer workshop at YoungArts Neukölln

by Workshop Teilnehmer_in

Holiday Workshop at Tivo

A week-long workshop at the wonderful Tivolotte where we worked with film, sound, textiles, theatre to explore themes of identity, language, consent, home and empowerment. Results: Incredibly strong photo and film statements.

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Holiday Workshop at Tivo

by Workshop Teilnehmer_innen

Open Studio at YoungArts Neukölln

A weekly meeting where we are creative with whatever topics come with the young people that day!

Often, our approach is linked with events affecting the participants at or outside of school. We make dances, films, puppets, masks, interviews. We and the “Hör x zu” project often share our work with each other, which was a lot of fun! 

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Hör x zu!

Listen up! We’re a group of young BIPOC who didn’t feel represented in the education system. Maybe you feel the same? With this platform we want to finally give our voices a space where we can learn together and from each other.

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